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Why European Study Year Abroad?

Study languages abroad - experience the most beautiful cities in Europe!

We present language courses and tuition of excellent quality combined with attractive leisure and cultural programs and a wide choice of accommodation. Choose from eleven cities. Learn Spanish in Barcelona, Granada, Madrid, Salamanca, Tenerife (Puerto de la Cruz) or Málaga; Learn Italian in Florence, Rome or Siena; learn French in Paris and learn German in Vienna.

Study abroad language programs in Europe

4 language schools in Austria, Italy, France and Spain have joined forces to develop various language programs to satisfy your needs:

Intensive language courses

We offer a wide range of intensive language courses from one to 52 weeks in four countries and eight cities. The programs also include housing, meals and leisure and culture program for adults as well as for young people.

Summer study abroad programs

We offer various attractive study abroad programs for youngsters, summer school with tailored language courses and leisure programs as well as various special interest courses for grown ups.

European Term, Semester and Year programs

We have developed this language program, that gives you the opportunity of combining programs from two to four languages and countries. You can choose to study two or more languages in different countries. You can stay from twelve weeks to 52 weeks. The four languages can be combined as desired, each module lasts from four to twelve weeks.

Learning foreign languages — an investment in your future!

In future, knowledge of one foreign language will not be enough. Be sure to be a step ahead of the competition by communicating with people from other cultures in their own languages. Perfect your skills in a second or third language!

Tuition, accommodation and cultural program are part of the package

All of our language institutes practice the principle of full immersion, using modern, communicative teaching methods. Your language course consits of four to six intensive lessons a day. On completion of your language program you have the opportunity to obtain a recognized language certificate from your host country.
A rich leisure and cultural program is included in the price.
Our language schools also offer a wide choice of accommodation facilities - you can choose between host families, student apartments, and student halls.


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